Carsten Thiel Is A Visionary In Biotechnology And Medicine

Whilst growing up, Carsten was heavily focused on his studies and was always performing at the top of his class. After high school, Carsten Thiel spent time learning at several different institutes, including the University of Marburg, the University of Bristol, and Max Planck Institute. Carsten spent most of his time studying chemistry and biology, and he eventually earned his Ph.D. in Biology.

Since the completion of his education, Carsten has dedicated career to biotechnology and medicine, focusing on ways to make it more impactful on peoples daily lives. Carsten has spearheaded the launch of several medical products since first entering the medical field, including Vectibix, Strensig, Prolia, and Neulasta. This, of course, was throughout a matter of more than a decade. Carsten has continued to expand upon his knowledge and expertise in biotechnology as well as management.

Today, Carsten Thiel uses the same methods to bring his ideas to life that he did when he was young, which is through collaboration. Teams that are in sync and work together on a common project can get a lot accomplished in a much shorter period of time, rather than trying to put it all on a single person. Carsten has utilized collaboration throughout his entire career through employees, peers, mentors, and whomever else he could work effectively with.

Collaboration is an excellent tool in any field, but in order to collaborate, a certain level of communication is always required. Carsten Thiel has become an expert in communication by building many different relationships over the years, both in his personal and professional life. Taking the time to connect with his colleagues and his clients is one of the most effective tools Carsten has used to grow his business over the years.

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