Bob Reina And Talk Fusion: Introducing New Cutting-Edge Communications Technology

Talk Fusion recently introduced its latest software featuring WebRTC technology. The new computer program allows for sophisticated real-time communications. An improved version of Talk Fusion’s Live Meetings program, the new software has an updated interface and employs the popular WebRTC system. Its capabilities include enabling people to hold video-based conferences and the transmission of one-way videos. Live Meetings offers a convenient way hold meeting or presentation with up to 15 hosts and 500 participant connected via computer, tablet or smartphone.


Major enhancements include the ability to use recording technology without a separate download using web browsers. This saves time and improves capability and convenience. Talk Fusion’s embracing of sophisticated new technologies keeps it on the cutting-edge of software development that involves WebRTC. It also adopted the latest promotional methods to attract new users to Video Suite and Live Meetings.


Both marketing professionals and average computer users can benefit from WebRTC technology. It improves video and audio communications, eliminates hassles, improves efficiency and streamlines the setup process for new users to join conferences. Live Meetings latest version has sharper video, clearer audio, is more secure and the software’s interface is so easy beginners can use it.


Only Talk Fusion technology lets over 500 people attend WebRTC-based conferences. The company continues to introduce new technology while maintaining its commitment to offering superior reliability and quality. Its Video Chat software which also uses WebRTC technology won a WebRTC award in 2016. Talk Fusion introduced a sophisticated online training system called Talk Fusion University in 2017.


Company founder Bob Reina attended college and was a police officer in Florida. He also worked in multilevel marketing to earn extra income. When he realized he had a natural talent for network marketing, he left the police department and did network marketing full-time.


In 2004 he created the Talk Fusion concept. He collaborated with Jonathan Chen to create Video Mail, Talk Fusion’s first product. Over the past 10 years Reina has continually introduced innovative new software and created increasingly effective marketing strategies. Reina gives generously to non-profits like the Tampa Humane Society and an orphanage in Indonesia. Learn more: