Blue Apron May Soon be Coming to a Grocery Store Near You

Chances are that you know someone who uses or has used a meal delivery service. It’s been all the rage recently and it seems that every day, more companies are popping up. That’s because these companies see that there’s a market for this type of service, especially now. Many people complain about just how busy they are to get anything done. It’s hard to have time to grocery shop, meal prep, and cook for your family. This is even more difficult after a long day of work. That’s why these companies exist. They want to make your life easier by delivering food with instructions right to your doorstep.

When these services first started popping up, people thought it was absolutely genius and would change their life. After a while, it got to be a bit much for many. More and more companies were joining the competition. Many people were also realizing that they didn’t need to be spending this much money to have something delivered. Blue Apron is one of the original companies that is now struggling thanks to all those problems and more.

According to GrubStreet, Blue Apron lost 250,000 customers last year. Therefore, they realized they needed to do something different. How could they compete in what is now an overly saturated market? Blue Apron decided to branch out and is now considering something different. They are reportedly in talks to sell their meal kits at grocery stores.

This is actually a pretty genius idea because other home delivery meal kit services haven’t branched out into grocery stores yet. Blue Apron says they’re in talks with several different chains to decide who they’re going to partner with. It seems that this could actually work out. People love to have meals created for them. It takes out the guesswork, it comes with easy to follow instructions, and there’s a pretty good chance it’ll taste good since it’s assembled by chefs and professionals. By purchasing a meal kit at the grocery store, customers will be paying less because they don’t have to pay for the delivery fees. Many families can easily grab one of these out of the frozen food aisle before heading home to feed their families.