Betsy DeVos Enjoys Support from Both Parents & Pitbull

When you see the names of two celebrities next to one another in a headline, chances are that the story below details some scandal or scam. However, popular recording artist and reggaeton performer Pitbull was seen alongside education secretary Betsy DeVos in 2017 along with several other notable people demanding positive change in the public school system.


Even though it might not seem like the two have a great deal in common, both are pushing for major changes and neither care much for who they might offend in the process. It seems like what they really care about is the future of an entire generation of Americans.


Neither Have Shied Away from Controversy


Mainstream media outlets have long criticized Pitbull for lyrics that some feel are laced with profanity. Likewise, the media hasn’t been kind to DeVos, who has been painted as a political fighter and as someone who refuses to play by the rules laid out by the rest of the Republican party. That being said, those who are silent seldom ever get much done.


DeVos visited an all-girls charter school in Washington, along with the first lady and Queen Rania of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. She was there to emphasize her support for school choice and stated that transformation can really happen when parents are allowed to select which school setting best fits their child’s individual needs.


Unfortunately, she’s had to wage this fight for years because many people still believe that governmental authorities know better than parents when it comes to educational choices.


An End to Performance Standards


Opponents have long pointed to DeVos’ wish to end performance standards for schools run by for-profit companies as an example of how she wishes to undermine America’s academic infrastructure. However, her supporters are quick to bring up an uncomfortable piece of truth that few people want to face: the metrics used to judge school performance are essentially subjective.


DeVos has brought up time and time again that by creating a free education market would force schools to offer students the best opportunities they possibly can. The current structure favors a system where public schools can essentially perform as poorly as possible. Governmental agencies have no real incentive to do any better than they already are. By pushing for an end to traditional performance standards, Betsy DeVos is actually saying that she wants a better future for our country’s youth.


Supporters Come from All Walks of Life


The fact that DeVos was able to make a whirlwind tour of Miami-area schools only a few days later suggests that she has supporters everywhere. What proves it, though, was the fact that she was welcomed with open arms at a charter school started by Armando Christian Pérez.


You might better know him as Pitbull.


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