Barbara Stokes: pioneering GSH to a more significant future

Barbara Stokes: pioneering GSH to a more significant future

Green Structure Homes, shortened to GSH, is a company based in Alabama. Its CEO is Barbara Stokes. This state of the art institution deals with designing and building as well as offering and delivering services in the construction of both modular and residential buildings in North America. It is also accredited with internal services that provide solutions to customers’ needs. It also offers internal initiatives such as leadership in project management as well as engineering. It has 30 years’ experience in planning, developing, installing and inspecting both resident and commercial buildings. The company also helps their customers meet all their problems relating to logistics as well as fleet problems. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

The company has had a track record of contracts both in the private sector as well as public sector. They include: provided Engineering, doing land plans, installing underground structures as well as their installation for Mississippi State University. They also did the same services and built 262 commercialized and resident facilities. They also designed and manufactured housing for students in Mississippi. For the US Navy, the company developed UL-Rated Bullet Proof-Guard shacks as well as designing, engineering and building 82 gates for security purposes. For the US Army, the company designed their underground training facilities as well as creating Security Bollards. The company was also involved in the installation of 12 structures for the U.S Air Force as well as designing and engineering custom shelves for underground utilities. Follow Barbara Stokes on

Their internal services include residential and commercial builders of manufactured modular facilities. Information Technology Support, as well as Logistic Modernized Support, is provided. Full on-site Utility installations are done. They also have production management supervisors. They offer AutoCAD designs as well as structural and civil engineering services.

They uphold their integrity and duty in serving both private and public sector at the very best quality. The company’s association with American Homestar Corporation has been beneficial to the company. The two firms have applied to the United States Homeland Security mentor Program to improve the service of GSH to U.S. Government contracts.

Its current CEO is Barbara Stokes who with her company is a pioneer in the Disaster Relief Construction Industry. She graduated in 2001 from Mercer University pursuing a degree in Biomedical Engineering and Physics. Barbara Stokes also studied in the institution of Manufacturing and Management as well as Thermodynamics and Tech communication. Before GSH she worked at Pisces Corporation as well as Boeing. She led the FEMA contract as well. She has a vast experience in the contract business. She is a mother of three and community volunteer at Huntsville.