Barbara Stokes Personally Delivering $50,000 Worth Of Building Materials To Habitat For Humanity

Green Structure Homes of Alabama have constructed bulletproof guard buildings for the United States Navy. They have also put together security bollards for the United States Army and have put up temporary classroom modular structures at Mississippi State University. The disaster relief contracting company is an important part of the Gulf Coast’s communities in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi. Read this article at

Barbara Stokes is the CEO of GSH. Her family started this small company back in 2008 in order to provide building solutions to the federal, state and local governments as well as the private sector. FEMA awarded Green Structure Homes of Alabama a $26 million contract to set up temporary homes after Hurricane Harvey. Now, with no natural disaster in sight, Barbara Stokes has ordered her company to donate to those in need.

Barbara Stokes and her team are in a unique position to know exactly what Habitat for Humanity needs in order to construct affordable housing. She has instructed her company to donate $50,000 worth of drywall and hardie fascia board to the nonprofit organization based in Madison County. She provided further value by delivering the building materials on her own semi trucks in order to save Habitat for Humanity even more money. And that’s good news for the people of Alabama.


Habitat for Humanity has been operating in Madison County for more than 31 years. They have constructed over 200 new homes and refurbished the 60 others in order to house 272 families undergoing mental or physical hardships. The nonprofit reaches out to the community to gather up volunteer labor and they deliver the house to the needy family at the cost of materials.

Habitat for Humanity takes this one step further by offering the family a low-cost no-interest mortgage for the cost of those materials. The donated materials will make these mortgages even more affordable for the families of Alabama.

The charitable organization has already stated the building materials will be used to construct nine new homes by the end of 2019. The leftover building material will be saved for future housing projects or sold in order to promote more charitable endeavors. Read more about Barbara Stokes at