Avocado Proposals Are The Latest New Trend

This newest trend has kicked avocado toast to the curb as foodies and guacamole lovers step up their game. People can’t get enough of the ‘avocado proposal’ ever since a photographer posted an unforgettable picture a week ago. Millennials are especially taken with the idea, as quite a few couples have used the wacky concept as the first stepping stone on their way to the alter.

Colette Dike, also known as Fooddeco, took a photograph of an avocado sliced in half length-wise with the pit removed. It shows a closeup of the top section being lifted up, jewelry box style, to reveal what looks like a stunning engagement ring that’s packing major karats. The bottom of Dike’s own wedding ring is embedded in the pit indention. The Instagram post was captioned with “Tag someone who should propose like this” and accompanied with hashtags for Valentine’s Day, vegan, proposal, and ‘avobox’. The pic has earned well over ten thousand likes already.

The first known photo of the now trending avocado proposal was posted a couple of years ago, also on Instagram. That post featured a smiling man kneeling on a beach with a somewhat bruised avocado bearing another pretty ring.

The post has been shared all over social media countless times. While some people are in love with the quirky idea of popping the question with something they can turn into a snack dip afterward, others use see the humor in it. Good-natured jokes and avocado emojis abound with the #avocadoproposal hashtag all over Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

One thing is certain. Wedding receptions that result from the avocado proposal are 100 times more likely to feature the fruit on the menu. The next trend might well be wedding cakes decorated with avocado icing.