Out of this World Eateries: Is Outer Space Fast Food the Next Big Thing?

America’s obsession with outer space has just put our taste buds on the fast tract to the final frontier with culinary flair. With KFC launching it’s new Zinger chicken sandwich into the stratosphere and Walt Disney’s Epcot announcing their first ever space themed restaurant, it leaves one to wonder where this trend will go next. […]

Are New Yorkers Ready for Crunchy Cricket Ice Cream?

Diner’s at La Newyorkina might do a double take when they see the newest item on the menu, but they’re sure to hop on the crunchy new dessert. The popular shop in Greenwich Village debuted a sundae topped with chili-coated crickets on July 16th. These gourmet grasshoppers replace the classic cherry you might expect to […]

Kindness at Orange Coast College

Orange Coast College, located in Costa Mesa, California, is one of the largest community colleges in the United States, enrolling about 25,000 students every semester. The college has over 135 programs of study to choose from, including one of the nation’s top public nautical programs. Orange Coast College also ranks number one in Orange County […]

Whitney Wolfe Launches Bumble BFF

Friends are a crucial part of anyone’s life. Through social activities such as parties and ceremonies, friends are able to mingle. Moreover, they are always there to speak with and share amazing and sad moments. In a big city like New York City, friends are family and will be there for you when you need […]

Amazon Could Mimic Rival Alibaba in E-Commerce Food Battle

The worldwide e-commerce battle between Amazon and Alibaba takes place on a variety of different fronts, with one area still in the formative stages. That’s focused on essentially becoming the grocery store of the future, with Alibaba currently leading this sector. Amazon’s recent purchase of Whole Foods, however, might end up using some of the […]