Orange Coast College will pay for Your Recycled Waste

Orange Coast College has built a new eco-friendly facility to continue the recycling work they started decades ago. The new recycling centre, known as the Adam Avenue facility, sits on 5 acres of land and will be open to all residents of southern California. Learn more:   It took a year and four months to […]

What Makes Bridget Scarr an Iconic Director

We were altogether made in various ways and skilled in an unexpected way. It is with endowments that we can improve life for ourselves as well as other people. Bridget Scarr happens to be such a case, talented and gifted to enhance the way of general life society. So in any case, who is Bridget […]

A Sneak Peek into SahmAdrangi’s Bold Decision to Short Sell a Single Stock Courtesy of a $100 Million Capital

Betting against stocks is widely considered to be a norm in the investment industry. Most investors have been reported to gain significant funds from making the right investment choices on specified stocks. However, none could have fathomed when SahmAdrangi pulled an unprecedented move by raising a whopping $100 million and betting against a single stock. […]

The history of JHSF, the undisputed leader of real-estate sector in Brazil

JHSF Participacaoes is the undisputed leader in the Brazilian real-estate industry. The company is considered as the most prominent developer of high-end properties in the country. JHSF was founded in 1972 by Fabio Auriemo, and it concentrated on developing properties for the middle-class individuals in Brazil. The company quickly began expanding, and soon enough, it […]

Envoy’s Advancements after Integration with OneLogin

Envoy is a San Fransisco-based firm that that creates software that allows visitors log in with an iPad. This has made logbooks irrelevant. Envoy has innovated automated steps in visitor registration process, including digital NDA, visitor sign-in, badges and photos, and host notifications. Their service consumers include tech-forward firms and fastest- growing companies that have […]

Mike Baur Helping Tech Startups After Ditching Swiss Banking Profession

Presently, Mike Baur continues to run Swiss Startup Factory and also engages with Think Reloaded. He principally focuses on fundraising and financing at SSUF besides being a member of the BV4 board. Even though he did not devote his life to predictable and lucrative banking profession, Mike decided to go after his passion. His bold […]