New Smashburger Pass Good For $1 Burger A Day For 54 Days

The new $54 “burger pass” offered by Denver-based Smashburger, capitalizes on the proven concept of offering unbeatable deals while increasing the bottom line at the same time. Inspired by The Olive Garden’s wildly successful Never Ending Pasta Pass, which sold out in literally 1 second, the $54 burger pass entitles diners access to $54 burgers […]

JMB Holdings Making A Bid To Scoop Up Dunkin Brands

Multi-national JAB Holding is eyeballing another chain to add to its already impressive resume: Dunkin’ Donuts. The privately-held German investment corporation has been steadily adding to its coffee and donut empire since 2012, when they acquired Peet’s Coffee & Tea. While rumors have been swirling about the deal for several months, it was unknown if […]

News on Food trends and recipes

City workers prefer to have their gin with herbs and individuals in London are likely to have their gin on its own without any mixer. This fact reveals that this figures extracted from the Waitrose’s annual food and drink report on the gastronomic trends reported by the supermarket mammoth in 2016. The sister organization, John […]

Eric Lefkofsky Leveraging Data to Provide Better Cancer Care and Treatment

Noncommunicable diseases such as cancer are a leading cause of death across the globe. Genetic and environmental factors lead to the development of lung cancer. The most common environmental risk factor is tobacco smoking. Research done by Dr. Yafang Li and team investigated the role gene-smoking interactions play in the etiology of lung cancer. The […]

Orange Coast College – article recap

Orange Coast College has a stellar rowing team. This smaller school has won against larger universities to hold 11 national records titles over the years. This community college has been boasting about their rowing success almost since it opened in 1948. The school offers students much in the way of college athletics and education. To […]

Customers rave about Securus’ crime-preventing technologies

People who have not spent extensive time in the U.S. prison system often have misconceptions about the way that prisons operate. Although guards and administrators do their best to fight ongoing criminal activity within the nation’s carceral institutions, without spending vast sums of money and having staff to prisoner ratios approaching one to one, there […]

Seek Richard Blair’s Advice On All Matters Concerning Financial Services

Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions Inc. (WSI), a Certified Investment Advisory Company located in Austin, Texas. The objective of WSI is to provide customized, wide-ranging financial planning services to residents of Austin and nearby areas. With over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, Richard Blair is better suited as […]

How Market America Events Help Members Keep a Positive Mindset

The leaders behind Market America refer to the opportunities they provide others as unfranchise businesses. This term indicates the different approach the company takes toward helping their partners optimize their growth potential. They firmly believe in the philosophy of a positive mindset, which is why they offer events throughout the year designed to help their […]