The Career of Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna has had a long career in which he has had success in medicine, real estate investing and entrepreneurship. When he first began his career, he worked as physician. While he was a physician, he looked to get involved in other fields particularly real estate. Dr. Mark McKenna spent many years investing in […]

Talk Fusion and Bob Reina

Video technology has completely changed the way that people can converse with one another whether it be for personal use or for business. Connecting various people all over the world is now done with ease thanks to companies such as Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is enthusiastic about the new technology that has become available to […]

New York City Is Now The Location Of The Second Bob’s Burgers Pop-Up Restaurant

A recent Grub Street article mentions how pop-up restaurants based upon FOX TV’s fictional Bob’s Burgers restaurant have now sprung up in both Los Angeles and New York City. In December 2016, an official Bob’s Burgers pop-up restaurant set up shop in Los Angeles for ten days. The temporary restaurant featured an exhibit of artwork […]

David Giertz Gives his Insight on the Benefits of Social Security in Retirement Planning

Recently, in an exclusive interview conducted by Veronica Dagher, David Giertz, talked about why more financial advisor needs to discuss the benefits of social security with their clients. Since for years, most of them have been able to avoid the topic because of its complex nature; there is a growing awareness about social security. Those […]

Sahm Adrangi Revolutionizes Entrepreneurship Through Kerrissdale Capital

Entrepreneurship is the hallmark of an investment scheme. That said, for an entrepreneur to venture into investment, mentorship is required. Investment calls for concentration and the understanding of challenging terms. The stiff competition from various industries is also an aspect to look at. This is, however, not new to one Sahm Adrangi. His Career Over […]

Greg Secker’s act of empowerment

In 2013, the city of Iloilo was hit by the typhoon Haiyan and thousands of homes were destroyed. Financier and philanthropist Greg Secker stepped in to help. His foundation, the Greg Secker Foundation, plans to build 100 permanent homes for those affected by the typhoon. The project, aptly named “Build a House, Build a Home”, […]

Lime Crime Makeup for You

There are so many different ways you can get makeup for your needs. You may not know what one is going to be great for you. Lime Crime may be just the makeup you are looking for. History This makeup was created because Doe Deere saw a need in the market for brighter colors. she […]