Jeff Aronin: A Dedicated Life

Healthcare in the United States and around the world is massive with millions of companies and millions of people employed. It takes the passions of industry leaders like Jeff Aronin and Paragon Biosciences, to keep the industry in balance.   Billions are spent each day on healthcare for the masses. What happens to the unfortunate […]

IC Systems Leads the Way for Women in the Business World

In a world mostly dominated by males in the business sphere, Ruth Erickson is one of the few women who have made a name for themselves. She presently runs her dad’s company IC Systems. It was founded in 1938, and designed to achieve financial resolutions between clients and customers. Ruth Erickson took over the company […]

Jorge Moll Explores the Science of Being Charitable

Jorge Moll and his partner Jordan Grafman were working on a study that evaluated the brain activity of volunteers who imagined themselves giving money to others as a charitable act or keeping the money for themselves. The neuroscientists were amazed at what they found.   The study found that when people give to others or […]

Halo Top Shows That Healthy Eating Doesn’t Mean Giving Up One’s Favorite Tastes

Food issues are hardly anything new for humanity. Through most of human history food has been the central aspect of life. It’s almost always been scarce and subject to a great deal of uncertainty. This shows one of the biggest challenges in this post-scarcity marketplace. The past few generations are struggling with something that had […]