OneLogin and Securing the Enterprise

Trying to secure today’s enterprise, with sundry devices, cloud applications, on premise applications, and rogue employee programs, is enough to drive one back to pen and paper. OneLogin has embraced these challenges and developed a blended and holistic approach to protecting IT assets and information, tracking usage, and reporting on the key areas of IT […]

Papa John’s Founder John Schnatter Blames NFL For Low Pizza Sales

Papa John’s Pizza CEO and founder John Schnatter is pretty upset over his lagging pizza sales. This time he has new target in his cross hairs to lay blame: NFL Commissioner Roger Goddell. In a conference call with investors, Schnatter laid the blame squarely at the feet of Goddell, suggesting his “mishandling” of the NFL […]

New Smashburger Pass Good For $1 Burger A Day For 54 Days

The new $54 “burger pass” offered by Denver-based Smashburger, capitalizes on the proven concept of offering unbeatable deals while increasing the bottom line at the same time. Inspired by The Olive Garden’s wildly successful Never Ending Pasta Pass, which sold out in literally 1 second, the $54 burger pass entitles diners access to $54 burgers […]

JMB Holdings Making A Bid To Scoop Up Dunkin Brands

Multi-national JAB Holding is eyeballing another chain to add to its already impressive resume: Dunkin’ Donuts. The privately-held German investment corporation has been steadily adding to its coffee and donut empire since 2012, when they acquired Peet’s Coffee & Tea. While rumors have been swirling about the deal for several months, it was unknown if […]

News on Food trends and recipes

City workers prefer to have their gin with herbs and individuals in London are likely to have their gin on its own without any mixer. This fact reveals that this figures extracted from the Waitrose’s annual food and drink report on the gastronomic trends reported by the supermarket mammoth in 2016. The sister organization, John […]