Ashley Lightspeed and Her Path to Success

While growing, Ashley Lightspeed was passionate about following her father’s footsteps and becoming an architect like him. She had a lot of fun spending time at the table drafting at the garage where she could sketch ideas in addition to building stuff often termed as prototyping. Her studies at Duke and abroad made her realise her preference for business ideas on prototyping rather than actual buildings. It is after her graduation that she began working on her consultation duty at Bain.

With the experience gained from Bain, she was passionate about doing more operational endeavours in addition to her objective of exploring Silicon Valley’s globe. Therefore, she eventually got into the Thumbtack’s product group in the post of a Category Manager. Responsibilities included customer growth and experience within the Wedding categories and events. See More of Ashley Lightspeed at Bloomberg

From running the simulations alongside clients in the course of her time at Bain to the product ideas concerning wire-framing at Thumbtack, she has kept using prototyping in collecting response and quickly iterating on product and ideological improvements across her profession. She believes that prototyping is an essential toolkit for entrepreneurship by failing fast and iterating at a quicker speed.

Ashley Lightspeed’s exposure towards venture capital started with her work with a Thumbtack’s fundraising ground deck. The industry induced her interest following her capability of looking into the future alongside its certified track record connected to support and identification of trends before their accomplishment.

After Thumbtack, she progressed her studies at Stanford GSB at the same time starting her firm and carrying out consultation initiatives for the startups to support herself financially. The projects facilitated her realisation that she prefers deep-diving into various industries at the same time. Her partnership with entrepreneurs facilitated the transformation of ideas into practicality.

As a participant at the consumer team of investors at Lightspeed, Lightspeed works closely alongside small companies aimed at cracking their growth techniques. She has kept her attention throughout towards craftsmanship.

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