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Real Real is a luxurious consignment site that raises more than 100 dollars in a year. Real Real sales luxury goods by weeding out fake items. It involves a rigorous process to find specifications that meet their standard. The company holds a contest about finding fake goods; in this process, the authenticators acquire prices for telltale signs of counterfeit items.

The company was founded by Julie who is the chief executive officer who begun working with technology in the 1990s as a CEO of pets. The company offers consignment with the promise of authenticating one of the company’s experts.

For the last four years, Real Real has been impacting the way people shop. When a consumer is aware that he can resell his luxury, she is likely to invest what he had before. If he spends more on something, then he will trade on brands that have high resale value.

All items that are displayed in the stores of the company are also available online. The sale representative can scan the items for esteemed customers in person by removing the item from the site temporary to consider them in the floor.

According to Julie Wainwright who is the chief executive officer of Real Real has enabled luxury companies have embraced Real Real through offering gift cards to exchange their consignment on the site. Therefore shoppers see more value by buying first-hand items through boosting the cost of secondhand luxury goods.

Unlike other companies, Real Real has a rapid growth and takes full control of its inventory. It also provides high-quality services to the sellers by sending drivers to their homes to pick the items for consignment. Nevertheless, turns over the stock faster since most of its items sell in less than a month.Overall, unlike other websites, Real Real has every type of items that customers need under one roof with different designs color and size with friendly prices and customer services.

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