Ara Chackerian at the Forefront o Health Care Revolution

Ara Chackerian, the Co-founder and General Partner of TMS Health Solutions, is a serial angel investor with more than two decades of experience as an active entrepreneur. He is a graduate of Florida State University, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1991. Today, TMS Health Solutions sits staunchly at the forefront of its sector, helping those suffering from depression to attain alternative health care solutions. Before joining TMS Health Solutions, Ara Chackerian established himself as a formidable investor and entrepreneur, helping to build a number of groundbreaking health care companies, including PipelineRx, Provider Links/ Embion, and BMC Diagnostics.

In 2010, Ara Chackerian became the General Partner at the Nicaragua-based, Limonapa Teak – a move that was spurred by his desire to enact positive change regarding the environment’s overall sustainability. As an entrepreneur and investor, each day tends to vary considerably, making it a necessity for him to remain organized, as well as versatile, concerning his ability to bring ideas to life – an ability, that he believes, is a result of his collective life experiences. Despite investing in a variety of different areas, Ara Chackerian continues to view the health care industry as one of the most promising sectors for the future.

According to analysts, the Baby Boomer population continues to speed toward retirement a rate of nearly 10,000 people each day, making the need for health care a growing necessity. While the health care industry makes up nearly 20 percent of the United States’ economy, Ara Chackerian believes that this number will grow considerably in the near future, paralleling the needs of the Baby Boomer population. He predicts that many longstanding entities, most notably, Johnson & Johnson, will continue to see growth in their stock value despite losses concerning their consumer products, as the lion’s share of profits is earned through investing in pharmaceuticals and research.