Are New Yorkers Ready for Crunchy Cricket Ice Cream?

Diner’s at La Newyorkina might do a double take when they see the newest item on the menu, but they’re sure to hop on the crunchy new dessert. The popular shop in Greenwich Village debuted a sundae topped with chili-coated crickets on July 16th. These gourmet grasshoppers replace the classic cherry you might expect to find on top of this vanilla-chili ice cream, drizzled with mezcal infused caramel and garnished with a candied orange.

Inspired by the sweet and spicy flavors of Mexico, this unusual sundae is priced at $12. “In Oaxaca, eating grasshoppers is very popular. You eat them as a snack the way people eat nuts,” says Fany Gerson, owner of La Newyorkina, who grew up eating the crunchy topping. “We get a lot of requests for sprinkles, and this is a way to keep everything we do natural.” Gerson says that finding a quality supply of grasshoppers was the hard part, since she refuses to settle for bad tasting bugs. ““I have been looking for a while at different distributors, and then there’s a new one called Merci Mercado, which did all the legal work. It’s a sustainable company and they’re high-quality grasshoppers.”

While there are many reasons why people might try dining on bugs—as an alternate source of protein, to sharpen their survivalist skills, on a dare, because they lost a bet—crunchy crickets are served at this trendy Greenwich Village shop simply because they are a delicious if unexpected ice cream topping.

This sundae will remain on the menu through the end of July, but customers at La Newyorkina will be able to find crickets as a topping option into the indefinite future.

Why settle for plain ole sprinkles on your ice cream when you can get candy coated crickets instead?