Michael’s Nierenberg profile

Michael Nierenberg is presently in charge of Fortress. He once worked as a director and managed Global Mortgages, besides that, he also ensured that products belonging to the Bank of America Merill Lynch were securitized. In 2008 November, Mr. Nierenberg shifted from JP Morgan, where he served as the leader of Global Scrutinized products; moreover, he was one of the members of the managing committee of the investment bank.

Michael Nierenberg has been on the forefront of various leadership positions for fourteen years together with Bear Stearns. For instance, he worked as the overseer of interest rate and foreign exchange trading operations, he was also in charge of mortgage-backed securities trading and that of structured products. Before joining Bear Stearns, Board of Directors, Mr. Nierenberg had already worked for a period of seven years at Lehman Brothers where he demonstrated exemplary skills in promoting the institutions adjustable rate mortgage business. As a result of all the excellent skills that he showcased together with his working experience, he qualified to be a director.

Michael Nierenberg stock

Mr. Nierenberg’s net worth is roughly 42 million dollars. He owns a variety of New Residential Investment stock that are worth billions. From the year 2016, Michael Nierenberg has generated more than three trades of the New Residential investment stock. This is with regard to the form 4 that was filled with the SEC. Averagely, he trades at least 412,885 units for every 111 days. This has been the trend from the year 2016. It was confirmed that Nierenberg’s possession is at least 2,644,060 units of the recent residential investment executives and independent directors generate a stock after 166 days, and they cumulatively collect nine billion dollars.

The stock trade that was recently carried out was by Michael Nierenberg in the year 2018. He managed to trade 25, 562,272 dollars. Mr. Nierenberg put 1,708,708 shares and later on sold them at 14.96 dollars each and received benefits worth 2,644,060 cumulatively. That was followed by 18,600 shares that generated 23850. Then lastly, he put 749,999 that generated 1,490, 345 ultimately.

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