American Favorite Foods To Be Served At Royal Wedding

The upcoming Royal Wedding is going to be filled with surprises. Prince Harry and Meghan are getting away from the traditional Royal expectations, and opting for some of the generalities of American trends, especially in food. It was leaked that the Royal couple will have food trucks at the wedding reception. This may be difficult for high powers of England to wrap their minds around. To see Queen Elizabeth eat a burger, or ice cream from a truck will go down in English, and American, history. No one knows exactly what foods will be on the trucks, but speculations have it that they will probably serve hamburgers.


Many of the traditions followed in a Royal, English wedding will not be seen in the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Being the host of a food blog, she covered foods and restaurants, and she will more than likely have some of the favorites from her experience with with different types of foods. There is no doubt that she has several that she wants to share with her new circle of family and friends. Meghan and her husband to be do not mind throwing rules out of the window. Your text to link… Many people have wondered about the uniqueness of the Royal Wedding, and the two have not dissapointed their public.


The Royal couple is setting their own traditions. After many centuries of having things done the same way for those of royalty, the new day and age is just the right time to change old fashion traditions. First of all, years ago, a Prince would not be engaged to a divorced, American actress. This move will pave the way for the younger heirs to the throne to have the opportunity to make their own decision about who they fall in love with. In the last few decades, it did not have to be someone of Royal blood, and that has been proven with the last few weddings.