Amazon Meal Kits Already Making Waves

Amazon seemingly barely started promoting its meal kits on Monday, July 18 by trademarking its slogan for the kits. However, customers soon spotted the meal kits already up on the site by Tuesday. Not only did customers find the meal kits already on Amazon’s site, but it turns out they’ve been there for a few weeks and at least one Seattle resident has already tried them.

When the meal kit’s appearance started to make waves around the internet, Amazon pulled the listing from its site and offered no explanation. However, the aforementioned Seattle resident spoke to GeekWire about his experience with the kit.

Josh Chadd said that he rated Amazon’s meal kit a nine out of ten compared to other places he’s tried. He noticed that everything looked very fresh and the cut of meat for the kit was likely at least USDA Choice quality. The name of the kit was Steak au Poivre with Parmesan Fries and Snap Peas. However, at one point there were around 17 other kits listed before Amazon pulled them.

It appears that Amazon conducted a trial in June, which made the meal kits available for certain users. Once the trial ended, they pulled the listings. Amazon’s usual mode of operation is to roll things out slowly after much testing. More than likely a full scale roll out of the meal kit service is still some time off. At the very least, the other well-known meal kit service, Blue Apron, should be somewhat nervous. Now that Amazon has acquired Whole Foods, they have even more resources at their disposal to make their meal kit service a success.