Aloha Construction, a power house of ethical practices

Each year, hundreds of prominent businesses put their best foot forward in a bid to at least be on BBB’S list of best companies but Aloha construction was not only on the top nine list but also managed to bag 2017 prestigious Torch Awards for marketplace ethics. The selected companies often undergo a comprehensive screening process and winners are usually selected by a n independent panel of fifteen judges to prevent any bias. Recipients are often those who instead of focusing on moneymaking, focus on ethical operations. They appreciate and incorporate their employees, customers and community at large in their success. In other words, the recipient companies often strive to benefit every member of the society through their operations and BBB offers the award to recognize their efforts.

How Aloha Construction earned the award

Aloha construction did not clinch the award out of sheer luck but thanks to its ethical efforts. For instance the roofing company has a reputation of putting the needs of customers first. They achieve that through various strategies. For instance, even though it was only established in 2008, the company has managed to install roofs in over 20,000 homes and there are more to come. Instead of taking the paycheck and be merry on their way, the company goes the extra mile by offering free roof inspection to each of their customer every year. That has helped prevent many roofing problems and also helped identify damages before they become too severe preventing extra costs of reroofing.

Besides free inspection, Aloha construction understands that there are times when the economy hits and not everyone can afford them when required. That is why it is ina partnership with Synchrony Financial to help them finance their repairs without breaking budgets. Additionally, this has helped eliminate the confusion and simplify payment procedures hence making comfortable living a reality.

They are also known for their heavy involvement and continued support to the community. For instance, it helps turn the dream of many athletes into a reality through sport sponsorship. It also hosts various charity activities and fun days for kids in Illinois such as the Bloomington boys and girls club.

Last but not least, this roofing company understands the essence of employees and owes its success to them which is why it offers them competitive salaries, training and annual treats such as the yearly paid week treats in Maui Hawaii. The mentioned ethical practices are just but a tip of the iceberg as there are many more which this innovative company engages in. Aloha Construction continues to wow the world with its impressive accomplishments and this can be attributed to its incredible management team led by Dave Farbaky.…/prweb14244544.htm