Alcohol and Coca-Cola May Soon Collide

For years, Coca-Cola products have been a staple in many peoples lives. It’s just one of those companies that have a variety of products that appeal to the masses. People like to relax with an ice-cold Coca-Cola product. Children enjoy a soda treat after doing a great job at school or home. Many grab one off the shelf when they head to the grocery store. Don’t worry, Coca-Cola is not going anywhere anytime soon but they are making some changes.

You might have noticed a whole slew of new products from the Coca-Cola company. This includes new flavors, newly designed cans, and different advertising campaigns. The company is doing everything they can to compete in a large market with hundreds of soda retailers. Coca-Cola is now doing something that many of us didn’t see coming. They’re following up on the latest trend of “alcopops” and they will soon be selling soda with booze.

Americans have been known to love the latest trend of hard ciders and root beers. It’s like having a normal drink but with a little extra pop. Although Americans do love these drinks, the trend isn’t as evolved as it is in Japan. Therefore, Coca-Cola is rolling out their new drinks in Japan first where there’s already a cult following for “alcopops.” Japan already has a similar drink called chuhai and it seems that’s what Coca-Cola will model it’s new drink after, GrubStreet says.

There still are a lot of questions as to what flavors will be available, when, if they’re coming to the United States, and more. For now, we just have to sit back and wait. It’s crazy that times are changing a beloved soda company is now doing something entirely opposite of what they’re known for. It should do well once released. Afterall, people already love this trend of alcohol-infused soda. This will take the guesswork out of making mixed drinks, as well. Not to mention, people who already love Coca-Cola products will be sure to try anything the company releases.