Africa’s Jewel Isabel dos Santos

Isabel dos Santos is of African origin coming from South African country of Angola. She’s 45 years old and daughter the former president of Angola. In recent years Forbes magazine named her as the first African woman billionaire. It’s been five years since she was named in that category and she has continued to increase wealth.

Isabel acknowledges that it is not easy to make through in the male-dominated business world especially if you are from African origin. She has however kept on soldering on to make her way through and make an impact. Isabel dos Santos was taught on the skills of self-survival that has contributed to the open-mindedness and the growth of her business. She was told on how to fend for herself thus the great ability to come up with great ideas. Isabel dos Santos is married to an African businessman that has contributed to her success.

Isabel is a champion for woman rights and equality and voices for women to be given chances equal to men. She is one of the few women female peers in the world. She says that sometimes women are often overlooked even in business agreements and in meetings and their contribution is taken lightly. The fact she is African sometimes make it hard for her in business as Africa has been labeled as a poor continent, but she has proved this as just an adage as she has stamped her name among the world richest people.

She has invested in Angola and Portugal particularly in the banking and telecommunication industry. Isabel dos Santos acknowledges the fact that Africa has to embrace technology to explore and make more out of their resources. The continent is rich in minerals resources. Good mechanisms can be put in place to tap these resources (Economist).

The middle scale manufacture of agricultural produce or animal farming would be an ideal opportunity for the continent. Isabel dos Santos also emphasizes the strengthening of tourism as it is one of the economic strongholds of the continent.

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