Adding Sweet Treats To Grilling

There’s nothing like grilling out with family and friends in the summer months. The main dishes are often easy to come up with, such as hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled corn, and a variety of salads. The desserts are often plain and simple, such as ice cream or watermelon. Spice up your cookout with a few different desserts that are full of flavor and even a little heat.


A cobbler topped with ice cream or whipped cream is a delicious treat in the summer months, especially if you use fresh fruits. Blueberry or blackberry with tangerine or nectarine slices is a cobbler that you should try for your next cookout as it adds a hearty end to your meal. Icebox cakes are also a good dessert option for your cookout. They are usually made with ice cream and a few other ingredients. The cake is put in the freezer until it’s time to serve it in slices.


Get creative with the desserts that you make. Instead of just making a pie, cake, or cupcakes, consider putting a fun summer design on them. An idea would be to make each cupcake look like a different kind of fish. Put the cupcakes on a blue background so that it looks like they are in a pool or in the ocean. If you want the dessert served to be easy to eat, then a whoopie pie might be just the treat. You can make them with any kind of filling and any kind of sandwich ingredient. A nice combination for the summer months could be blueberry cookies with lemon cream between them or strawberry cookies with banana cream and a light cream drizzle on the top of the whoopie pie.