4 Quick Questions With Clayton Hutson

Clayton Hutson is a live sound engineer and production manager that has built a well-respected reputation of providing quality services to musicians and organizers of events. Hutson’s first foray into the music business was when he was given employment as a sound engineer with a company that put on live music events. Hutson progressed fast in the business and it was not long before being given the opportunity to manage large projects.


Not much later, Hutson decided to start his own business in which he would design and manage live concerts. The company started by Hutson has managed products from many top artists in the music world including Pink, Guns and Roses, and Kid Rock.


Clayton Hutson took out time recently to answer a few questions regarding his insights into the live music industry.


What were the circumstances surrounding the beginning of your own business


The jobs I worked in the past gave me a chance to develop a lot of valuable skills. The last recession really hurt the business interests of my last employer and I felt then it was a good time to begin my own venture. I knew that it was a risky proposition but felt I had the talent to pull it off.


How do you find clients for your business


Most of my new business comes by word of mouth from past customers. I work very hard at what I do and pay attention to the closest details. I have built a solid reputation in the industry and that has provided the fuel to grow my business.


What personal habits do you have that has made your business successful


I go over every inch of my work, again and again, to assure that both the quality of the show and safety remains uncompromised. I am also a very thorough planner and never neglect to list a task that I, along with my crew, need to execute.


What current trends in the industry have stirred your interest


The constant advancements made by way of technology has caused the industry to change very quickly. I must keep up with these developments in order to keep my customers satisfied.


What is a normal workday like for Clayton Hutson


I usually start my workday before seven. I make sure to be the first person present at the venue by inspecting the building and reviewing my task list. The rest of the day is filled with task completion and problem-solving. Learn more: http://www.g1limited.com/news.php?id=46