Vijay Eswaran: Executive Chairman of the QI Group

Business and entrepreneurship have been among the most viable ventures in the contemporary world. As such, many people have taken advantage of the diverse opportunities to establish successful business ventures. One such person is Vijay Eswaran. More about this shrewd businessman is revealed below. Vijay Eswaran was born in Malaysia. He is one of the […]

Marc Beer Accumulated $42M To Build Startup To Help Women Worldwide

Marc Beer, the founder of ViaCell, has started a startup that targets to develop products that aim to cure pelvic floor disorders. The startup is Beer’s another contribution to the Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals industry that he has served on for years. He started a startup called Renovia and is currently developing a product called the […]

Borrow Money now Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holding is different from other banks and lending institutions. Unlike other banks, they do not have strict lending policies. At Equities First Holdings, consumers do not have to qualify for loans based on their credit. Finally, high end consumers who need money quickly can utilize their stocks or other equities to secure a […]

Igor Cornelsen: A Productive Investor

Igor Cornelsen is a successful investment banker. He is well conversant with the managing of funds of the stock exchange. He was born in the year 1947 in Curitiba, Brazil. He studied engineering at the Federal University of Parana School of Engineering. He studied engineering for two years after which he changed his course to […]

Classdojo Moves Beyond the Classroom

Expectations for teachers seem to be at an all time high. One company appears determined to make the life of a teacher a little easier. Classdojo is a company that has created a platform for teachers to communicate with parents and students. This unique program has made it much easier for teachers to create a […]

InnovaCare Health Basic Information

Managed healthcare is the practice of reducing for-profit health care’s cost while still spitting out health insurance. Also known as managed care, quality of care is supposed to improve. Healthcare services across the United States have been provided in such a manner for just short of 40 years – it began in the early 1980s. […]