Felipe Montoro’s views on the PPP

Felipe Montoro is one man with a series of occupations. He is the current chief executive officer of Odebrecht Properties and the senior financial officer, as well as chairperson of the district federal S.A Concessionaria, do Centro administration. In addition to these, Montoro is also the Chief Executive Officer of the S.A CaptacaoEnergipar. Before these […]

The Latest Trend in Drinks is Here Just in Time for Spring & Summer

Spring is here and summer is coming. With that, comes a whole new slew of trends especially from mainstream chains and restaurants. No longer are consumers wanting to try the newest food items, they’re turning their attention to the drinks. Many restaurants and fast food joints figure that when the weather heats up, people want […]

Fresh Tastes For Spring

The spring season is often a time when you can try new recipes to share with family and friends, especially light and airy desserts. When you make a spring dessert, try to use fresh fruits when possible and colors on the exterior that aren’t as dark as what you would use in the fall months. […]

Alcohol and Coca-Cola May Soon Collide

For years, Coca-Cola products have been a staple in many peoples lives. It’s just one of those companies that have a variety of products that appeal to the masses. People like to relax with an ice-cold Coca-Cola product. Children enjoy a soda treat after doing a great job at school or home. Many grab one […]

Moringa Unveils Drinkable Alove Yogurts In Anaheim

Health conscious foodies in Anaheim recently got to try out Morinaga Nutritional Foods’ new drinkable Alove yogurt products. The company just revealed these new conveniently bottled low-fat yogurts to North America at the Natural Products Expo West. Morinaga has already been selling Alove yogurts in traditional bottles since 1994. The new drinkable products will still […]