2018 Trends in Restaruant Menus and Food Producers

The American Culinary Federation recently surveyed over 700 professional chefs to find the food trends for 2018.

One of the top food trends is using inexpensive cuts of meat. They are oyster steak, Vegas strip, or Merlot cut. These meats are very tasty and easy to use on the grill. With the popularity of food trucks in every state in the US, street food has been widely accepted. Popular items are tempura, kebobs, and dumplings.

More consumers are looking for ethnic foods on the breakfast menu. Coconut pancakes, chirzo and eggs, and breakfast burritos are becoming popular items on breakfast menus everywhere. Parents are looking for healthier food selections for their children on the menu. They want fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, and grass fed meat, and poultry.

Restaurants are finding ways to turn vegetables with low carbs into substitutes for bread. They are making cauliflower rice and spaghetti made from squash. Chefs are using more fresh herbs in dishes to add flavor. Ethnic spices are part of the new flavors used in cooking.

With so many new doughnut shops new gourmet doughnuts are being developed. They come with flavors like banana malt, espresso cardamom, and pear clove. Rolled ice cream from Thailand is a popular dessert served in many restaurants.

Soft serve ice cream is a growing segment with many unique flavors being served. Some of the flavors served are watermelon and green tea macha. Many customers want alternatives to eating meat. A food molecule has been developed that’s added to meatless burgers and gives them a more pink appearance called heme.

Heritage meats are now being raised by sustainable and organic farmers. These breeds have unique genetic traits that have been lost with industrial farming. Food trends shape restaurants menus and food sold in supermarkets.