Securus Technologies – Helping Inmates Stay in Contact With their Loved Ones

The life of inmates inside the prison is tough and challenging, but the inmate communications services helps in ways more than one to take their stress away. The inmate communication services ensure that the prisoners and detainees get to talk to their friends and relatives at a nominal cost. One of the pioneering inmate communication […]

Susan McGalla Helps Lead Corporate Gender Diversity Through Example

Companies that consistently outperform are ethnically diverse and gender-diverse. According to statistics, businesses are 15% more likely to outperform if they are gender diverse. Companies that are ethnically diverse are more likely to outperform by 35%. Diversity supports the embrace of new ideas, offering numerous ways to look at the same situation or problem. Despite […]

The Necessity Of Sawyer Howitt

In this day and age, the future of the world remains contingent on the success of youth. To expound further, the youth remains the beacon of tomorrow. As older generations age, millennials have begun to take their place. In particular, Sawyer Howitt currently stands as one of his generation’s rising stars. To expound further, Sawyer […]

Dr. Edward Honig: one of the best in the business

    Dr. Edward Honig MD is a well respected Cardiologist located in Glen Cove New York ( Dr. Honig in particular focuses upon complications of the heart as well as the circulatory system. Prior to making any treatment suggestions, Dr. Honig will run a complete series of tests and take a complete medical history […]

Fun Summer Table Settings

When decorating for your summer party, one of the first things that guests will notice is the table setting. Combine the right colors and designs to highlight the food that is served at the party so that everything flows together. If you’re having a luau, then the decorations could include bright colors, bamboo plates, pineapple […]

Easy Pies For Summer

Nothing says summer like an apple pie with vanilla ice cream on top. If you don’t like apple pie, you’re in luck because there are quite a few pie recipes that only require a few ingredients. You can turn your pie into a masterpiece with cutouts from dough and swirls in whipped cream and chocolate. […]