2017 Food Trends

It seems there’s always a new food trend hitting the scene, and the latest craze attracts millions of people. Some of the trends end up dying out after a few months and some seem to stick around a little longer. While some food trends are popular for those who want to lose weight or improve a certain health condition, there are some foods that have proven health benefits. Here are some of the trends that 2017 has brought our way.

Probiotics have been around for quite some time, and they are now available in beverage food. Probiotic drinks like Kombucha and other teas with probiotics have been proven to improve digestion and gut health, and may boost the mood and prevent bloating.

Chips that are made from bean flour instead of potatoes and corn meal were also huge this year. Beans are a great source of fiber and protein, and are suitable for vegans and vegetarians, which is one of the main reasons why bean chips have become so popular.

There are also several on-the-go healthy meals that people have been enjoying this year, which fits well with the fast-paced lifestyles that most people live these days. Oats in a cup that can be soaked overnight and ready to eat in the morning, as well as smoothies and quick quinoa are among the food trends of the year due to their high protein content and ease of preparation.

Granola bars and dried fruits also made the cut this year, since fruits are a healthy source of fiber and could provide the sugar fix you need without turning to candies or overly sweet coffees. For more information on 2017’s food trends, visit www.huffingtonpost.com.